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Welcome to TOST - a sandwich cafe.  It is pronounced just like the bread we eat, toast, but just without the letter "a".  TOST is a Greek word that was a part of my youthful upbringing in Greece.  As a kid, my parents would take us to Greece every summer for 3 months.   Some of my fondest memories are all the times we would walk around the city and trying different street foods throughout the day.  One of those foods was a tost, or panini, sandwich, which one of the most simplest sandwiches, yet one of tastiest things that I loved eating.  It was just two pieces of Greek ham, a thick slice of kasseri cheese in between two pieces of homemade fresh bread, then pressed on a grill with a brick placed on top.  I took that childhood memory and took it to a new level and to a more creative sandwich.  This is how the concept of TOST - a sandwich cafe came to life, all from a wonderful childhood memory and experience.  At TOST cafe, I wanted to take it to another level, more than just a panini sandwich cafe; a shop that i can get a great sandwich, and hang out with a friend.  We could have a hot cup of espresso or coffee, walk around the market area and buy something new and different to try at home, and finally leave with a scoop of gelato.  I wanted it to be a place where customers can experience many different things about food.  That's why we offer not only the sandwiches, but we also have one of the largest selections of deli salads, fresh green salads, delicious desserts and pastries, homemade gelato, a variety of coffee and international selections, and finally an eclectic selection of local and international market items.

TOST is an exciting new endeavor and a fantastic addition to the Lakewood and Tremont, Ohio restaurant scene. So come on in, grab a bite to eat or something to drink, and enjoy the atmosphere. I look forward to seeing all of you! 

Tommy Karakostas

Owner & Chef

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